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How Far is Too Far?
Let's cut to the chase. How far is too far is asking, "What technically, can I do and still be pure?"

Think of a car. Everything in it is built so that it can move. It wasn't built just to sit in your driveway. It was built to travel. But it can't move until you put the key in the ignition and start the engine. However, you can't drive unless you have a license. Right? If you don't have your license or a permit, you are not going anywhere. There is a right time for you to drive.

Your body is the same, in a sense. It was built for a purpose. It was built to be able to have sex. It was built to enhance the relationship in a marriage. Sex isn't the only aspect of a marriage. In fact, it shouldn't even be a PART of the relationship UNTIL marriage.

So how do you know what your limits should be? Think about these questions:

1. Would you be comfortable doing it with your parents in the room?
2. If you saw your boyfriend or girlfriend doing it (IT=whatever actions you're not sure about) with a member of the opposite sex, would you be jealous or have a problem with it?
3. What do you want to save for your future husband or wife?
4. Do you expect the best when you are married?
5. What would you NOT want your husband or wife to do with a member of the opposite sex? - You probably shouldn't do that either right now.
6. At what point does your body kick in and make it hard to stop when you're intimate with the opposite sex?
7. What things would you not be comfortable doing in front of your grandparents?
8. What about you is special?
9. What about you do you treasure?
10. Would you eat a cookie that already had a bite taken out of it?

So, here is the line. When you feel your body "turn on the engine" ... you have gone too far. At the point when you start wanting MORE you need to stop. It is not a bad thing that you want more... it is only bad when you act on it. It is a lot harder to stop a moving car than a parked car, right?

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