A little while ago just before i opened this window i had several things to write about, now i can't seem to find even a single one, so i will resort to an idea i have had in my mind for quite some time, but that is not one of the subjects i felt like discussing with the blog when i first opened this window.

Before anything else, i am writting in english because i don't feel like changing the configuration of the keyboard to write that weird n with the hairpiece on top.

That said. Sometimes when i go and play tennis in the morning (this would have a weird n in spanish), i drive the periferico to the UNAM. And it is crawling with publicity al over it. One very large (i forgot a word here so i will use a bad substitute for it) display, shows a doll, sort of a Barbie doll, but it is not Barbie, and it has bigger eyes, and it has coloured skin. But the caption reads something like "Fashion Rules" or something like that. If Barbie has been a bad influence, she who has in time been everything from a bride to a nurse. Now with these dolls all that there is left for the woman is to become a model. Big eyes, Big Breasts, No brains (Plastic doll after all). I wonder from time to time, they just drill those concepts through your skull. But if seen from a different perspective it could be a liberating message for women HA!, you no longer have to cook or iron, as long as your butt sells. Objectification once more.

Are we so afraid of women, to turn them into that, Plastic dolls.

Or is it that now that we can cook, iron, and do house chores, we have stripped women even more of their dignity reducing them once again to plastic dolls. How vain.

At least I know that even if i sometimes fantasize about women just because the way they are built, i could never withstand the thought of a Real Life Plastic Doll as a lifetime companion.


Last night i dreamt i stole a squash ball in a mall in the US. And got away with it.
It was blue. A fast one. That's it.

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