Sharing with the "new" Google Reader

Three easy steps.

1) Set up a new blog on blogger for your shared items. Mine is yumesswithmyreader.blogspot.com

2) Allow emails to feed this new blog. To do this go to settings/email&mobile/postingoptions. You will see a username.----@blogger.com email address. Fill in the blank with any word (reader) and save the settings.

3) Share your feed via email from google reader by sending it to this new address, i.e. username.reader@blogger.com

Do not forget to tell your friends about it.

2 comentarios:

Eva dijo...

Yo lo comparto directo desde reader (sin pasar por e-mail). Uso el botón "send to" y le pico al ícono de blogger.

Eva dijo...

Mmhh, no se si es el template que usaste, pero ¡no me deja meterlo en mis feeds!